Wont be long until i have C.H.I.P in my grasps

The photo of chip from the chip page

maxresdefault-2Later on this month I will be receiving Chip which is a small computer about the size of a Raspberry Pi but with no video output (you can buy an expansion card to add this functionality though) but way more output pins (GPIO if you want to think of it as a Raspberry Pi).

I personally can’t wait for this computer to be delivered to me so I can start to make new and exciting projects.

This tiny little computer contains 4GB of flash memory for super fast transfer speeds. It has in built wifi and ethernet plus bluetooth 4.0 as a bonus. 512mb of ram is included so you can start your projects right away. You also get a 1GH processor so your will never run out of speed on this tiny computer.

I will be getting pocket C.H.I.P at the same time as C.H.I.P so I will have lots of new toys to play with. 🙂

Video of Pocket C.H.I.P


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