New Pocket sized computer to rival the Raspberry Pi


The Creator CI20 is the new pocket sized computer from Imagination Technologies.MIPS-Creator-C120_RGB

The Creator CI20 is different to the Raspberry Pi in many ways. The creator has built in wifi and bluetooth but you can use ethernet with it. It has the same ammount of usb ports as the Raspberry Pi model b. It also includes an sd card reader and the GPIO pins we see on all of the Raspberry Pi’s.

The price is a big difference though. The Creator CI20 is £50 and the Raspberry Pi is about £15 – £20. The Creators CPU is double the clock speed. It also had 1GB of RAM unlike the raspberry pi which has 512mb of RAM. The Creator CI20 has 4GB of flash storage which you can extend with the sd card port.

The graphics card used in the creator is called the  “imagination chip”. It is also found inside Apples Ipad.

The Creator CI20 comes with android 4.4 built in so you can learn how to develop apps for the android system. Just like the Raspberry Pi it uses HDMI for output.


If you find the Raspberry Pi too basic this is the next best thing.

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