Microsoft Surface Studio


The Surface Studio is basically a Microsoft made iMac running Windows 10. You can configure this computer with a Core i5 or i7, up to 32gb of RAM and a huge 2TB hard drive. This computer will come with a GTX 980M graphics card

All of the components are hidden in the stand and it has an amazing touch screen …..

Talking of the screen, it’s massive, coming in at 28in with a pixel count of 13.5 million and a ppi of 192.

Don’t get too excited about this yet because it has a price tag of ….. $2999.

To put this into perspective it is more expensive than the 28inch iMac … but it has better internals and in my opinion looks better, has a touch screen and a pen and it has adjustable height stand.

If I had a spare $2999 I would probably buy one of these…

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