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Macbook pro 13″ late 2015 review:

I absolutely love this Macbook. It does every thing i want it to do and more. This makes editing videos a breeze and the rendering times are much better than my desktop machine. It only took 5 minutes to render a Youtube video at 1080p.

I love the retina display on this macbook. It makes colours pop out at you and everything seems larger than life. Another thing that i love about this computer is the backlit keyboard. It looks epic.

Macbook pro 13" late 2015The model of macbook that i have has:

256GB M.2 SSD

Intel iris 6100

Intel i5 2.7

Retina Display (Running at ether 1024 x 640, 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 or 1680 x 1050)

720p webcam (Come on apple. Not even a 1080p camera.)

The battery life of this machine is brilliant as well. When I have been doing things like editing videos, using garageBand and stuff like that I have got about 6 hours out of it and when I have been surfing the web and listening to music I have got about 9 hours out of this machine.

The speakers on this macbook are ace as well. On full volume they can easily fill a room.

Another thing that I love about this machine is the metal construction. Everything is made out of metal except for the keycaps and the screen hinge.

This monster of a laptop can get up to 1.2GB per second write and about 1.3GB per second read. I never though that a M.2 SSD would every be able to get these speeds.

Overall I think that this is the best laptop that I have every used and I hope to see more great features in the next revision of the Macbook Pro.

How about a Macbook to review next apple. 🙂

Look out for my upgrade video of the desktop (when the parts come)

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Macbook Pro 13

Macbook Pro 13

Battery Life









          • Lovely Display
          • Excellent Touchpad
          • MACBOOK!
          • Form Factor


          • Webcam......
          NVIDIA - Real Power Pro 1250W

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