iPad 2017: Review


iPad 2017 Review

This should be put down at the budget end of the Apple spectrum with the iPhone 5c becuase compared to other Apple products this is dirt cheap.


This iPad is encased in the same body from the orginal iPad Air but if you thought it would be a bit thinner then you are very wrong. Apple’s obsession with making things thin has just screeched to a halt. Other than that the design is how you would expect it. Minimalistic.


Under the hood

This iPad contains the same A9 that was found inside the iPhone 6s, which is no slouch. This paired with 2GB of ram will happilly run all of the current offerings in the App Store. Tests show that the new iPad can export 4K at about the same speed as the iPad Pro. Over all it is a power house in a small package.

The Screen:

Not as big of a let down as you might think.

The screen is an Apple Retina Display. You might be thinking “Gee but they’re meant to be quite good aren’t they?” but sorry to burst your bubble this isn’t up to Apple’s usual standards, although I can see where they are comming from. They opted to use an unfuzed display making it in their words “A brighter display”. In reallity when you look at the display what you see is  a pretty big air bubble between the glass and the edge of the screen. The screen quallity is good but there is a still a black border which could be a no go for some people.


I suppose that one of the biggest downsides to this iPad is that it doesn’t feature a Smart Connector or Apple Pencil support but being down at the budget end of the spectrum I can see that cuts had to be made and these features were on that list.

Overall I think that this device will sell well.  I suppose that you could call this the iPad Air 1 Mark 2 as it has the same shell but better internals.

Not bad, but I’d spend the extra and go Pro.




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